Our Fleet

Family Owned and Operated!

Kontiki Landscaping has been a family-run business from the start. Since it's founding in 1976, the McLeish family has always been the creative engine behind Konitki's success. 

Doug and Patti McLeish founded Kontiki on a small farm in Penville, Ontario, almost 40 years ago. As the company grew, we moved to our beautiful tree farm in Schomberg, Ontario, which is where we call home today. 

We were one of the first in Ontario to use tree spades, and since then we have moved thousands of trees for customers all over Southern Ontario. As our company grew, we've expanded to include landscape design and construction in both residential and commercial markets. 

Kontiki has grown to offer a wide number of services, and we are proud to boast that our Christmas Trees are a regular addition to David Picaut Square, and have landscaped popular tourist attractions like the Woodbine and Mohawk Racetracks, and the restaurant and wedding hall, The Doctor's House.

Today Kontiki is proudly run by Alex McLeish, and his wife, Meghan, along with our loving mother, Patti.