One of the very unique services we offer here at Kontiki is a standing, real 30-35 foot Christmas tree that we have been hired to erect in front of prominent buildings and in parks across the city. We then string them with more than 16,000 lights to brighten the holiday season. 

We can set up a variety of sizes of real or feau trees all over the city, please do not hesitate to call to inquire for your unique holiday inspriation this year!

Call For Trees...

We are always looking for good trees to use for our Christmas Tree program. Our mission is to use only those trees that have come to the end of their useful life in their present location and are already destined to be removed.

We need good quality Spruce trees that are at least 30 feet tall and still fully branched close to the ground. These trees must be in a front yard location, or in a spot where we can easily access with large equipment. 

If you have a tree, or trees, that match this description and are slated for removal (and you live in the GTA or its suburbs) give us a call at 905-939-8555 or email us at [email protected].